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SIGN7 – Texte Anglais

Abstract representations, universally readable, its paintings and its sculptures invite the spectator to receive the message of the artist, around thoughts on the Human Being, the creative Human Being, the religion, the numbers:

« To live a Work of Art, from the Number to the Human Being, To be a Figure with its Evils ».

Lastly, through its engagement at the sides of the Companions of Emmaus, of Action Against the Hunger, the Unicef, SIGN7 tried out values which are important to him, such as listening, comprehension, respect, sharing, always concerned with answering the internationality of the needs and to reaffirm the altruistic role of the artist, who cannot open out himself exclusively in the closed space of the workshop; thus the photographs
taken by SIGN7 are as many testimonies of the many voyages trips of the artist along with humanitarian organizations.

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